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Here is the EPK for Brett Singer, comedian.

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50 word bio:

Brett Singer is a stand-up comic based in New York City. He has performed stand-up at Broadway Comedy Club, West Side Comedy Club and Comic Strip Live. As an actor he has appeared on the Travel Channel and Discovery ID, and as a parenting expert on Fox News and NPR.

Longer bio:

Brett Singer is a stand-up comic, writer, musician and actor based in New York City. His comedy draws from current events and his life as a stay at home dad with two queer children. He has performed at comedy clubs and other venues throughout the tri-state area. He has been a part of the World Series of Comedy and the Salem Comedy and Spirits Festival. As an actor, he appeared in commercials for Blue Man Group and Oscar Health Insurance, and on shows for Discovery ID and the Travel Channel. He has written for The Daily Beast, The AV Club, and Forbes Woman, and appeared as a parenting expert on CNN HLN, ABC News Now, NPR and Fox News.

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